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Date News Title Source
4 November 2020 India doing well on climate change; on path t... Business Standard
3 November 2020 India sets sights on Climate Smart Cities... Gulf Today
28 October 2020 Ice loss to add 0.4 degree C to global temper... Deccan Herald
22 September 2020 Climate change: China aims for 'carbon neutra... BBC
28 August 2020 Global warming to make Chennai monsoons sever... The Times of Ondia

Ice loss to add 0.4 degree C to global temperatures: Study
Deccan Herald, 28 October 2020

Arctic summer sea ice levels have declined by more than 10 per cent each decade since the late 1970s and mountain glaciers have shed roughly 250 billion tonnes of ice annually over the last century. Ice loss from the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets is accelerating and already outstripping what scientists until recently believed to be the worst-case melt scenarios. Decades of studies have sought to quantify how Earth's melting ice will contribute to sea level rise -- Antarctica and Greenland alone contain enough frozen water to boost oceans' height by around 60 metres.   Read full story...

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