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Date News Title Source
20 February 2019 Global warming believed to be behind Oz roden... The Times of India
14 February 2019 Climate change could wipe out Bengal tigers i... The Economic Times
11 February 2019 NE glaciers may vanish by 2100 if warming unc... The Times of India
14 January 2019 2018 could be the warmest year on record for ... Mint
7 December 2018 Global carbon emissions see biggest jump in 7... Business Standard

Jakarta, the fastest-sinking city in the world
BBC, 13 August 2018

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is home to 10 million people but it is also one of the fastest-sinking cities in the world. If this goes unchecked, parts of the megacity could be entirely submerged by 2050, say researchers. North Jakarta has sunk 2.5m in 10 years and is continuing to sink by as much as 25cm a year in some parts, which is more than double the global average for coastal megacities.
Jakarta is sinking by an average of 1-15cm a year and almost half the city now sits below sea level.   Read full story...

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