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Date News Title Source
22 August 2018 Tanzania Backs Initiatives Aimed At Boosting ... All Africa
18 August 2018 Fast melting Arctic ice may hit Indian monsoo... Hindustan Times
16 August 2018 Climate change: Heat waves hit seawater hard,... International Business Times
13 August 2018 Jakarta, the fastest-sinking city in the worl... BBC
23 July 2018 Crop yields falling due to climate change imp... The Times of India

Poorer nations will suffer climate change effects more than richer nations
The Financial Express, 30 April 2018

Climate inequality—or climate change effects and mitigation both placing a heavier burden on poor nations—has figured in almost all climate negotiations. Poor countries are confronted with a vastly shrunken room for emission today, limiting the room for hydrocarbon fuelled growth, and battling and adapting to climate change effects is also going to impose a larger cost on them. Luke Harrington, at the University of Oxford, has developed a map of “equivalent impacts” which shows that global temperatures would have to rise by 3oC before wealthy nations start to notice “departures from familiar climate conditions” that are equal to what poorer nations would have suffered under moderate warming.   Read full story...

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