• The resolution sensitivity of the South Asian monsoon and Indo-Pacific in a global 0.35° AGCM
    Author: Johnson S J, Levine R C, Turner A G, Martin G M, Woolnough S J, Schiemann R, Mizielinski M S, Roberts M J, Vidale P L, Demory M E, and Strachan J
    Source: Climate Dynamics 46(3): p.807–831
    Keywords: Monsoon
    Year: 2016
    Author Affiliation: Directorate, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, EarleyGate, Reading RG6 6BB, National Centre for Atmospheric Science -Climate UK
    Abstract:The South Asian monsoon is one of the most significant manifestations of the seasonal cycle. It directly impacts nearly one-third of the world's population and also has substantial global influence. Using 27-year integrations of a high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model (Met Office Unified Model), the authors study changes in South Asian monsoon precipitation and circulation when horizontal resolution is increased from approximately 200 to 40 km at the equator (N96–N512, 1.9°–0.35°). The high resolution, integration length, and ensemble size of the dataset make this most extensive dataset used to evaluate the resolution sensitivity of the South Asian monsoon to date.

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