Issues and policies
Science of climate change
Impacts, vulnerability and adaptation
Economics of climate change
Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation
Climate change and energy security
Climate change and sustainable development
Energy and technology transfer

Issues and policies

Price Caps and Price Floors in Climate Policy- a Quantitative Assessment International Energy Agency. 2008

Designing the Post-Kyoto Climate Regime: Lessons from the Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements (An Interim Progress Report for the 14th Conference of the Parties, Framework Convention on Climate Change, Poznan, Poland, December 2008) Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements. 2008

Slicing the Pie: Sector-based Approaches to International Climate Agreements
World Resources Institute. 2007

Combating climate change: the EU leads the way
European Commission. 2007

Impacts, vulnerability and adaptation

The Impact of Climate Change and Adaptation on Food Production in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from the Nile Basin, Ethiopia
International Food Policy Research Institute. 2008

Climate change in Northern Norway: toward an understanding of socio-economic vulnerability of natural resource- dependent sectors and communities
Center for International Climate and Environmental Research. 2008

Climate Safety
Public Interest Research Centre. 2008

Agriculture and global environmental change
Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)

Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation

Biomass carbon sinks in Japanese forests: 1966-2012
REDD Today. 2008

An International Regulatory Framework for Risk Governance of Carbon Capture and Storage
Center for International Climate and Environmental Research. 2007

Issues behind Competitiveness and Carbon Leakage- Focus on Heavy Industry
International Energy Agency. 2008

Measuring to Manage: A Guide to Designing GHG Accounting and Reporting Programs.
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Guidelines for Quantifying GHG Reductions from Grid-Connected Electricity Projects
World Resources Institute. 2007

Designing a Customized Greenhouse Gas Calculation Tool
World Resources Institute. 2007

Green Employment Tax Swap: Using a Carbon Tax to Finance Payroll Tax Relief
World Resources Institute. 2007

Navigating the Numbers: Greenhouse gases and international climate change agreements
World Resources Institute. 2005

Climate change and energy security

Managing the Transition to a Secure, Low-Carbon Energy Future.
World Resources Institute. 2008

Energy Security and Climate Change: Alternatives for the Clean Car Evolution
World Resources Institute. 2006

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