The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, is happy to have agreed upon a Framework  Agreement with TERI. The objective of the Framework Agreement is to address global concerns of energy security and climate change, through  cooperation between TERI, the Norwegian Embassy, and other institutions on climate change, CDM, renewable energy, and energy policy. The  programme seeks to achieve the above objectives through a set of activities aimed at bridging knowledge gaps on climate change; designing policy instruments to foster adoption of cleaner and more efficient energy options; strengthening institutions and energy governance mechanisms for more efficient and effective energy sector organizations; and increased cooperation among the research institutions, business, civil society, and the policy community in India and Norway.

As a part of the Framework Agreement, I am happy to note that the Specialized Library on Climate Change is being established. It will in due course, I am sure, develop as a repository of valuable information resources and services in the subject area that would be readily available to researchers, policy-makers, and business organizations dealing with climate change issues. I extend my compliments to TERI for having conceptualized the need for such a library and wish them all the best.
HE Ann Ollestad
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