The SLCC is a TERI initiative under the aegis of the Framework Agreement for the Programme of Cooperation on Energy, Environment, and Climate Change sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and constitutes a part of the Library and Information Centre.

Its objectives are:
  Function as an information collection, compilation and dissemination centre on climate change
  Develop and provide access to information services, products and databases
  Promote resource sharing and networking

Subject coverage
The SLCC houses a collection of resources in the following areas of climate change:
  Policy issues
  Science of climate change
  Impacts, vulnerability and adaptation
  Greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation
  Economics of climate change
  Climate change and energy security
  Ozone layer depletion

Facilitation center
As part of the expanding the resource base of SLCC and to increase the accessibility of information for researchers, scientist, students and other professionals working in this area, the electronic and online library resources have been made accessible from the following TERI locations:
  TERI Southern Regional Centre, Bangalore
  Coastal Ecology and Marine Resources Centre, Goa
  North-Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati
  Western Regional Centre, Mumbai

Membership of the SLCC is open to all researchers, non-governmental organizations, government officials, corporate bodies, students, consultants, and policy-makers in the area of energy, environment, and sustainable development. The membership form can be downloaded and forwarded to the Librarian duly filled. A proof of identity is required to be submitted alongwith the completed form.

Library rules
Membership card. Members should always carry their library membership card, which is non-transferable. Members will be held responsible for the misuse of the membership card, which will lead to its cancellation. Loss of the membership card should be reported immediately by phone, fax or e-mail. External members are not entitled to borrow the library documents.

Photocopying facility. This facility is available on charge basis (as per TERI rules).

Library hours. 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (Monday–Friday). The library will remain closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays observed by TERI.

The library may amend its rules as and when required.

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