The impact of rural credit on agriculture and land use: an analysis of Brazilian biomes
Souza, Priscila., Mourão, João., Assunção, Juliano
Climate Policy Initiative; Rio de Janeiro:

Global economic prospects, January 2021
The World Bank
The World Bank; Washington, DC

Avoiding a gap between certified and real-world CO2 emissions: technical considerations for on-board fuel consumption measurements in trucks
Ragon, Pierre-Louis., Rodríguez, Felipe
International Council On Clean Transportation (ICCT); Washington, DC

Carbon Finance

 Climate change resource kit: Regional Biodiversity Programme, Asia

WEF ranks infectious diseases as the world’s top risk; but the long-term risk is climate change
The Financial Express, 28 January 2021

India seventh on index of countries impacted by climate change in 2019
Indian Express, 26 January 2021

India faced 2 of 10 most costly climate disasters, damage worth over $10 bn
Business Standard, 31 December 2020

Over 75% districts hotspots of extreme weather events, finds study
Indian Express, 15 December 2020


Barcelona, Spain
25-27 May 2021

5th International Conference on Climate Change
Virtual broadcast
18-19 February 2021

Climate Adaptation Summit
Virtual broadcast
25 January 2021

Ocean and Climate Change Dialogue
Virtual broadcast
30 November 2020 - 01 December 2020


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