Realizing the promise of Paris: road map to a safer climate - technical appendix
Casas, Maria Jose de Villafranca., Kuramochi, Takeshi., Höhne, Niklas
NewClimate Institute;

Work for a brighter future: global Commission on the future of work
International Labour Organisation
International Labour Organisation; Geneva

From Townsville to Tuvalu: health and climate change in Australia and the Asia Pacific region
Littlejohn, Mason., Coleman, Misha., Bos, Annette., Fisher, Jane
Global Health Alliance Australia; Hawthorn

Carbon Finance

 Climate change resource kit: Regional Biodiversity Programme, Asia

Sea level rise to impact more population in Asia, including India: Moody’s report
The Hindu, 16 January 2020

Climate change increases the risk of wildfires confirms new review
Science Daily, 14 January 2020

India among top 10 nations on climate change performance
Indian Express, 10 December 2019

With 2081 deaths last year, India 5th most vulnerable to climate change
Business Standard, 9 December 2019


Adaptation Futures 2020
New Delhi, India
27-30 April 2020

National Conference on "Climate Change and Agriculture: Impacts, Resilience & Adaptations for Sustainable Food Security "
New Delhi, India
20-21 December 2019

2019 Climate Change Conference
Madrid, Spain
02-13 December 2019

OceanVisions2019: Climate Summit
Atlanta, GA, USA
01-04 April 2019


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